Super Almond is a education and research platform with a passion for horticulture business development in the world. We offer tailored capacity-building programs, technical assistance, and field and industry assessment services for investors, companies, growers, and all interested parties.
We help to build climate smart agriculture, sustainable and profitable value chains around the globe.

For sustainable knowledge transfer, Super Almond team has developed online agricultural extension system to support the planning and operation of plantations for almond, walnut, pistachio crops. We provide an online extension sessions worldwide directly from California.
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Super Almond has great team with a very clear mission to transfer cutting-edge knowledge to our customers globally and help them to lead successful agribusinesses.

Vakhtang Gogaladze CEO/Founder

Vakhtang is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of professional experience in agricultural and horticultural production, input supply, development of climate smart agricultural technologies, AgTech solutions and SME advisory in emerging markets. He is the founder and CEO of Super Almond, and is in charge of innovations, business development & strategy and customer acquisition.
Dr. Gurreet Brar CPO/Member of the Board

Dr. Gurreet Brar is an experienced professional with more than 20 years of experience working in academia and industry in various roles, with a primary focus on cooperative extension service of nut crops for California’s central valley growers. Dr. Gurreet Brar is an acting professor in the Department of Plan Science at California State University, Fresno. He is the CPO of Super Almond and a member of the supervisory board, focusing on research & development and innovations of extension services.
Kateryna Poberezhna Advisor/Business Development & Strategy

Kateryna Poberezhna is an agribusiness professional with more than 15 years of experience in international development and advisory, in particular green finance, climate-smart agriculture, and wholesale trade digitalization. She has extensive cross-cultural working and living experience in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and the Caucasus regions. In Suoper Almond she is responsible for Business Development & Strategy in new markets
Ami Meiri Expert/Business management & Investments

Ami Meiri is a professional with more than 20 years of practical experience in agribusiness management in Israel. He is the third generation of a farmers family from Rosh Pina. For more than ten years, he worked in the top management positions of the biggest almond plantations in Kibbutz Ortal. His expertise lies in every stage of the value chain starting from the field through up to the processing including implementation and audit of international standards, GAP, GMP, US & European quality protocols in the production process. He is responsible for planning, fundraising, and business management of investment projects.
Sundrish Sharma Expert/Vegetable growing & Vertical farming

Sundrish Sharma is a professional with more than 20 years of practical experience in horticultural production and marketing. He is a fellow of Stanford Graduate School of Business and holds Ph.D. in Plant Biology (Plant Genetics), University of California, Riverside. He led a genetic improvement program at Syngenta Seeds in the United States and is the author of many new approaches to plant genetics and is active as a Senior vegetable breeder at Ball Horticultural Company. In Super Almond he will be responsible and focus on the vegetable value chains and quality control in vertical farming, greenhouses, and open field and marketing research.

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